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How do I optimize GWT compiler for faster compilation?

I use eclipse IDE for my GWT application development. GWT is a great way to develop web applications but to do quick server side code test takes long time due to GWT compilation process. Thankfully I found a way to speed up GWT compilation by making small configuration changes.

If you are targeting specific browser then you can always define user agent in UserAgent.gwt.xml file as follows:

<set-property name="user.agent" value="ie6"/>

You can also speed up by isolating locales as follows:

<extend-property name='locale' values='en'/>

In the newer versions of GWT, you can add <collapse-all-properties /> to your yourapp.gwt.xml for development purposes. That will tell the GWT compiler to create a single permutation which covers all locales and browsers. That means you can test in all browsers and languages but are still only compiling a single permutation.

Compiling a single permutation that handles all browsers and languages still ta…

where is AndroidManifest.xml file in monodroid project?

You won't see an AndroidManifest.xml in a project by default. If you do decide to, you can manually create it or create it in the project properties. This file the permissions that an application needs to run. This can include things like the version of the API required for an application to run as well as access to what features on the device an application needs. These can be set by editing the file hand or by modifying the project's properties -> Android Manifest Tab.

For more information, visit following link:

Title: Working with AndroidManifest.xml

How to access GWT application running in development mode from different machine?

I was using eclipse for my GWT application development. I wanted to test GWT application from different browsers. I was unable to access my GWT test application running on development mode from external machine. After bit of investigation, I found below solution that helped me expose development mode application to external IP address.

In eclipse Go to -> Debug Configurations... -> Arguments -> Program arguments -> add param at the end " -bindAddress" -> Apply -> Start Debug