Thursday, December 15, 2011

World's cheapest Aakash tablet at a price of 2500/- INR each

Datawind, the maker of the world's cheapest tablet has put up for sale about 30,000 tablets online at a price of Rs 2500 each, with a delivery period of seven days.

Link: or

Detailed specifications of Aakash and UbiSlate 7 tablets are as follows:

I have pre-ordered UbiSlate 7 (The upgraded version of Aakash) which is due in late January. Above table does not show UbiSlate 7 tablet screen size but in pre-book mail confirmation from Datawind it shows size as 7" inch. See the following snippet of the mail I received from Datawind today:

The product features are:
    7" Android 2.2 Tablet at an Unbeatable Price of Rs. 2999
    Monthly internet charges: Rs.98 / 2GB
    High Quality Web Anytime & Anywhere
    Multimedia Powerhouse
    Full sized-USB port & Micro-SD slot and much more.

In the mail It shows Android version of tablet as Android 2.2. On official site ( Andriod version of UbiSlate 7 tablet is mentioned as Android 2.3. To confirm the version again I visited official site ( again today but it was down.

Following was the contact information given in Datawind pre-order mail confirmation:

If you would like to channelize Datawind products, then please email us at

If this is a media or a press related inquiry, please contact us at

If you have any bulk/corporate/institutional related queries, please email us at

If you would like to get more details, contact us NOW at 1800-180-2-180

UbiSlate 7 tablet specification at official link:

Following is the screen shot from that site:


On UbiSlate home link: named latest version of Aakash from UbiSlate 7 to UbiSlate 7+. No idea what is the difference between UbiSlate 7 to UbiSlate 7+ because specification remains same.


I have not seen UbiSlate 7 tablet any where in the market or in any blogs. Only few online blog/news link show some pictures of the device. I am not expecting much from it because cheapest Android 2.3 phone in the market cost not less than 8000/- INR. But this tablet will surely help me test my Android applications.

I will update the blog post again with my review comments of the tablet when I receive it.

Please share your comments below if you have any other information about Aakash or UbiSlate 7 tablet.


  1. After booking the product no response...
    I have booked Aaksh tab on 22,December,2011 till now there is not response from Datawind...
    I have booked aakash tab helpline no. 1800-180-2-180
    My Aakash Tablet Order number is : PM6D4ED
    My Email address:

    1. I have not received any response as well. No SMS,email or call from them. Really poor customer service after a great start.

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