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Stuck while upgrading from Android 2.2 to Android 2.3

I tried to update my Eclipse IDE to Android 2.3. After update completes, adb.exe file goes missing. It corrupted my development setup. I was unable to update after "adb.exe not fount error". Finally, removed all updates & installed them again. That worked!

Updating from Android 2.2 to Android 2.3 does not work for all due to some issue with update manager. "adb.exe" not found error comes cause android 2.3 onwards "adb.exe" file is moved from tools folder to platform-tools folder.

Eclipse Plug-in Development

Doing investigation about eclipse plug-in development. Looks easier than I thought. If anyone has idea about Java swings then he should be able to self learn. User interfaces created using SWT are far better looking than Swings. I found a helpful link:

I found few good examples too. Check out the link:

Consistent Hashing

The need for consistent hashing arose from limitations experienced while running collections of caching machines - web caches.

Playing with AMD Apar Api

Learnt bit of AMD Java based Apar Api. Made one small demo where I ran Monte Carlo simulation using marsine twister random number algorithm. Well, I could not find good random float value algorithm so modified marsine twister according to my needs.

Good thing about AMD Apar Api is it looks for the compatible GPU and it does not find one that it runs code on CPU. so We do not need ADM ATI Redon GPU to learn Apar Api.

There are some restrictions to use Apar Api and I learnt it hard way by getting lots of exceptions. Those limitation are mentioned at link:

All AMD Apar Api SDK and related information can be found at link:

It also supports OPENCL. For more information visit the link:

Apar Api code is converted to make it run on GPU when ever possible. As AMD supports OPENCL, it would have be great if applica…

Learning Aster Data Analytics